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Cleaning car upholstery

The interior of the car is exposed to dust, microbes, bacteria that once introduced into the car can come in contact with you. These organic and inorganic materials can put your HEALTH at risk. Similarly, bacteria living in car ventilation facilities that can only be removed by specific treatments can give or sustain various respiratory diseases or allergies.

Cleaning is done with dedicated substances, each surface or type of material having a dedicated solution. The tools and utensils are also important, the different types of brushes and applicators are meant to reach all the hard-to-reach places, clean the surface and protect it.

It is vital to use the proper utensils in order not to damage or damage the various materials inside the car!

Washing is done with a professional injecting-extraction vacuum cleaner, which is designed to inject the solution into the material and not just to the surface and to extract it with dirt. The lack of this appliance leads to the impossibility of extracting the spoil from the upholstery and implicitly damaging it.

Operations included in the car upholstery service:

  • Cleaning the seats
  • Cleaning the ceiling
  • Cleaning the door covers

* BONUS! Cleaning Interior: Cleaning the board, suction, wiping windows.

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  • Schimba limba de afisare: Romana