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Pest control

Pest control:

Capital Clean is certified ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 and ISO 18001/2007 for disinfection and pest control activities. The disinsection represents the total methods of preventing and controlling insects by physico-mechanical, biological or chemical methods, depending on the destination of the building. Disinsection can be chemical or ecological. Chemical disinsection - use insecticides approved by the Ministry of Health in the 3 and 4 toxicity groups. Once dried, they are NOT harmful to humans and pets. We can also use insecticide gels. Depending on the size of the work, we will use vermorel and low pressure pumps, atomizers, high pressure pumps or heat-blowing-generators of hot fog.

The legal regulations stipulate that the Disinfection works are to be carried out for:

  • any public catering unit as many times as needed but at least once a month
  • for the rest of the activities whenever needed but at least every 3 months

Capital Clean DDD will provide you with all necessary authorizations and certifications for both the company and the staff assigned to perform the Pest Management. These acts may be required by law by the SANEPID Public Health Department, the City Hall, the Police and the Environmental Guard.

Decontamination - Control of rodents

An adult pair of rodents in favorable environmental conditions can give birth 4-5 times per 500-700 descendants and can multiply in 18 months to a maximum of 1,000,000 babies. Rodents can cause economic damage and are also a source of infection and transmission of numerous dangerous pathogens for humans.

Combating measures:

  • mechanical - traps and after the galleries are detected, flooding with water under pressure
  • chemical - with the most effective raticides and solutions.

These are inorganic racemides and organic raticides. The action and treatment plan can be set up and implemented after a Capital Clean DDD technical expert watches your unit.

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